Wheels and Waves - A life over the top

brianbentThe man in the picture is called Brian Bent. He comes from Los Angeles and we took him a picture Sunday afternoon during his rock ‘n’ roll concert at the Wheels and Waves village. In one of those military tents, without the stage, with a miserable PA system and an electric guitar. It was one of the best moments of the weekend, not only for the sunny day. He was great: a Johnny Cash with a surfboard. An extraordinary man. The first time we met him it was at the Inspiration, the vintage style event organized by the Japanese researcher Rin Tanaka in Los Angeles. He used to call himself “minister of the Hot Rod Church for Sinners”. Yes, sure. It was true instead. When he is not busy with one of his many talents as artist, surfer, skater, hot rodder, musician and model, Brian Bent preaches to us poor sinners to live truly.

It isn’t always easy. And the world isn’t California. Neither France. But in the West Coast and in Biarritz, even if the weather wasn’t good and the waves were missing, we were close. We tried to live our best at least for one week. Always by bike. We used to chat in three different languages with people you usually meet on the social networks. Cosmopolitans, relaxed as we were at home, in the universal dimension of the bike lifestyle. Many came just to see, many others just to be seen. Or maybe both. It doen’t matter, their problem. We came back from Biarritz with our bags full of moments and interesting meetings, having the possibility to share the love for the beauty of a lifestyle. Which doesn’t mean producing only a helmet or wearing it before riding a bike. Talking of helmets: the Seventy Five was a big success at Wheels and Waves. Many people asked about it, others wanted it. Right in that moment. Maybe beacuse it’s a tribute to the first real motocross helmet. After being a bestseller in the 70’s, it became a symbol of the metropolitan style. But this is another story.

What matters is our story. We drove for hundreds of kilometres on old bikes, all broken and repaired on the street. We had water, wind, sun (a little), many beers and Jet 27 before throwing in the towel. We slept a little. It was true and we knew it, Davide was crazy. But he had the right idea. We lived, we truly lived. And we are ready to do it again. Rock Rock Rock!

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