DMD Photo Contest / And the winners are...

Thanks ladies and gentlemen for all your photos. This was the first DMD Photo Contest and it has been a great opportunity to share with you our passion and style. But… Competition is still competition and we are glad to announce that Fabrizio Bianco, KG and Mihajlo Zerevski are the winners.

Fabrizio is the match winner and this is his pic! He has now the right to receive our brand new SeventyFive helmet. Good job, Fabrizio…!!! Live hard with us…!!!


KG and her lovely pic with a lost puppy are the second most voted. She can now choose one of our t-shirt for her (or for her puppy)!


And then there’s Mihajlo with this pic who will receive his favourite scarf.


Here you can find the Top 10… Fabrizio is the one who can wear our brand new SeventyFive helmet, while KG and Mihajlo are ready to wear our awesome apparel.


It was a great experience…

See you soon for the next DMD contest.